Video Tutorials

Links to my series of video tutorials on using GIMP to prepare images for machine knitting with img2track.

GIMP for img2track – Part 1 (click here) Part 1 of a series on optimizing a digital image for knitting. (14 Jan 2015)

GIMP for img2track – Quickstart, B&W (click here) A very brief review of some of the tools I like to use to increase contrast or otherwise optimize an image for knitting. (07 Feb 2015)

GIMP for img2track – Quickstart, Color (click here) A continuation of the quickstart guide, this one dealing with reducing a color image to knit in either 2 colors (B&W), or in 3 to 6 colors. (07 Feb 2015)

GIMP for img2track – Creating a Text Image (click here) The importance of creating your text image exactly the same size that you wish to knit it. A follow-up video will have a demonstration of “pre-stretching” your image, according to your swatch. (12 Feb 2015)